Get rid of bed bugs

First step to get rid of bed bugs is to vacuum all your bed frame, your mattress, treat it with a steam machine, let it dry and put a mattres bed bugs cover on it.  The mattress is the site of resistance, of hiding and multiplying of bed bugs. So you will have already identified, mitigated and sealed 90% of the problem.  Let's protect your pillow by the same way. 

Now that you have eliminated the bugs in your mattress and you've eliminated any possibility of bed bugs can go in and out, The second step is to protect your bed from bed bugs that may come from the ground. For this it is advisable to buy or make traps bedbugs. You can also paste a sticky tape on both sides on the outside of plastic containers into which you place the legs of your bed. So you can at least sleep in peace.

Third step is to treat your furnitures with good products or to call an exterminator: