Extermination Products

Boric acid
It is a weak acid widely used as insecticide. It has a low toxicity for humans.  The boric acid powder induce  burns to bedbugs and are lethal to lots of insects.

Diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth is a kind of natural powder made of fossilized marine organisms. Before the comming of synthetic pesticides, it has been an effective way to repel pests. The diatomaceous earth acts like cruched crystals, doing cuts to bedbugs and causing them death by dehydration. Diatomaceous earth is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Diatomaceous earth and silica powder are used in filters for maple syrup. There are usually availlable in Agricultural Cooperatives for very cheap! It works for hants too. 

Products containing pyrethrins 
Derived from substances such as the flowers Dalmatian chrysanthemum of Persia, Pyrethrins attacks directly the nervous system of insects. Pyrethrins are effective in treating bed bugs.

The products of Pyrethroids - synthetic
similar to pyrethrins (natural), this products based on pyrethroids can be very useful in the fight against bed bugs.